TRX – Total body Resistance Xercise

Created by the Navy SEALS, TRX – a muscle building resistance workout for total body and strength conditioning that benefits people of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors). TRX utilizes the patented TRX suspension system to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously to burn fat. TRX suspension also increases muscle tone and endurance by leveraging gravity and the user’s body weight to provide an intense total-body workout!

TRUE Boot Camp

TRUE Boot Camp is true to it’s name. This class will test your mettle by combining TRX body weight suspension training with additional weighted compound exercises and plyometrics, pushing you to new levels of functional fitness. Each exercise in this periodized class is selected to increase your core stability, improve flexibility, and sky rocket your overall muscle strength and endurance!

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The atmosphere, music, and the people are great! Such a great workout and facility. Definitely one of my favorite places to workout!!! – Kary Syme Ferrari