Master Cycle & Strength Instructor

Patty got her first taste of group fitness in 1982 when she took an old-fashioned aerobics class in her college gymnasium. She didn’t wear any shoes and she slid around the floor in only her socks. Since those auspicious beginnings she has worn many things: thong leotards, leg warmers and sweatbands are a few of her favorites. She has also taught many things: Step, Kickboxing, BOSU, Aquatics and of course Cycling. Patty is certified in Group Ride, Power and Blast. She comes to TRUE Ride with years of experience in both active wear and instructing.

Patty feels that being a fitness instructor is a privilege rather than a job and she brings passion to every class she teaches. Join her class today and experience that passion for yourself!

Guilty pleasure: wine and popcorn

“Just do it.”

TRUE teams are made when you put aside individual wants for collective good…