Class Etiquette

We’re excited your here! Please check out the following rules of TRUE Ride to make sure that your (and everyone else’s) experience is awesome.

Be on Time

Please arrive 10 minutes before class start time. Give yourself a minute to get set up, say hi to your neighbor, and get ready. If you come late, we may give your bike to someone else which would be a huge bummer (except to the rider who gets your bike). No entries into the studio more than five minutes after class start time.

Stay for the Whole Class

Barring emergencies, please stay for the entire class. We will miss you if you leave, and it drains the energy out of your neighbor’s last sprint to see someone else leaving the class early.

Bags or Personal Items

In accordance with fire safety rules and in order to keep everyone safe (walking in a dimly lit room is challenging enough!), bags and other personal items may not be carried into the studio. We have lockers with locks for your valuables and plenty of cubbies/hooks/racks for your shoes/jackets/keys.

Cell Phones

You deserve 45 minutes a day without the distraction of your phone, and so do the guests around you. Please leave your cell phone in your locker or in your vehicle.

Cross Talking

You and other guests are here to get an awesome workout. If you are talking, you are not working hard enough! However, we do love to chat before and after class.

Scents are for Dates, not Workouts

Please refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes during class. Deodorant, however, is a good thing when riding in a pack.

Team Ride

We ride as a team, therefore there is a direct correlation between your energy and your neighbor’s. If you want to do your own thing, we ask you not to ride the front row.

Energy flows where attention goes.

It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s about so much more than just working out� I am grateful for their impact on our community on so many levels. – Connie Hanson