TRUE Ride Ambassadors

We are fortunate to have the support of a number of individuals who represent TRUE Ride in their role as Ambassadors.

Our TRUE Ride Ambassadors support our community, inspire people to harness their passion and remove the intimidation factor by joining you as you walk through our doors for the first time. 

Want to try TRUE Ride but feel intimidated or nervous?  Make an appointment to ride with one of our Ambassadors and find the TRUE meaning of community.

Frequently asked questions.


Brenda says she is always looking for a new adventure and likes to be pushed out of her comfort zone. Maybe this is why she fell in love with TRUE Ride. She has always been an avid exerciser, but never realized what working out in a group setting could do for someone. The instructors have motivated her in ways she never experienced when exercising solo. Since joining TRUE Ride two years ago, Brenda has completed 200 classes and lost 30 pounds.

Favorite quote: No one is perfect but we do the best that we can.

Guilty pleasure: Blasting her music and singing along at the top of her lungs


Jimmie is one of our OG’s, having been riding with us since we opened our doors. He likes to take at least one class a day, but often sticks around for a double. He says his favorite thing about TRUE Ride is the inspiration he receives to listen to his body and keep himself in shape. A close second, though, is being able to hang out with Dan.

Jimmie owns a construction business and enjoys yoga, snowboarding and being out on Shasta Lake. But if he could only spend his time on one thing, it would be hanging out with his grandchildren. He says he lives his life for the moments he gets to spend with his family

Favorite quote: Namaste

Guilty pleasure: X-Large Pepsi with extra ice and a Double Damburger

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