TRUE Ride Ambassadors

We are fortunate to have the support of a number of individuals who represent TRUE Ride in their role as Ambassadors.

Our TRUE Ride Ambassadors support our community, inspire people to harness their passion and remove the intimidation factor by joining you as you walk through our doors for the first time. 

Want to try TRUE Ride but feel intimidated or nervous?  Make an appointment to ride with one of our Ambassadors and find the TRUE meaning of community.

Frequently asked questions.


Even though Shelly Jordan is at TRUE Ride 6 days a week, she does not have a favorite move on the bike. She says she is simply excited if she can stay on beat and hold her lead leg. But when country music comes on, watch out! She starts to party.

Shelly has been married for more years than she can count and works in the family business, Hemsted’s Moving. She has four daughters who have taught her patience, humility and the art of keeping her opinions to herself. She loves a good audiobook and a good glass of wine.

Favorite quote: “It is well with my soul.”

Guilty pleasure: cupcakes and margaritas


Cheri’s favorite choreography move is simply getting on the bike because it means the fun is about to begin. If a song comes on with a good, heavy beat, she likes to move a little bit… NOT DANCING, just moving (or so she says.)

Cheri used to teach cycling classes at another gym in town, but soon she found her teaching schedule was infringing on her TRUE Rides, so she quit her job and dedicated herself to partying at TRUE Ride full-time.

Cheri enjoys hiking, kayaking, taking her dogs on walks, and photographing nature. She loves being outdoors, especially when her wife and her dogs join her on her adventures.

Favorite quote: “The day in which one has not laughed, is surely the most wasted.”

Guilty pleasure: jelly beans morning, noon, and night


Brandy’s claim to fame is that she joined TRUE Ride on opening day! December 1, 2016 we opened our doors, taught our very first ride, and Brandy was in the saddle. She was instantly hooked! Now she rides with us 6 days a week.

Her favorite move on the bike is the push/press and when 80’s rock music comes on, she can hardly contain herself. She likes to cut loose in the saddle, quite the opposite of when she is working her day job in banking.

Brandy loves camping with her husband of 22 years and her two daughters.

Favorite quote: If your ship hasn’t come in, swim out to it.

Guilty pleasure: dark chocolate M & M’s

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