Embark on your fitness journey with TRUE Ride ambassadors, who understand the intimidating prospect of stepping into a gym for the first time. They transform that anxiety into a warm, inviting atmosphere, ensuring everyone feels welcomed and embraced.

Through shared stories, passions, and victories, our ambassadors create a culture of empowerment, turning every visit into a collaborative adventure. Their commitment extends beyond the pedals, fostering a community where everyone, regardless of experience, becomes part of an extraordinary fitness family.

As you step through our doors for the first time, our ambassadors extend a warm welcome, guiding you through a personalized tour and ensuring your seamless setup on the bike. Your initial visit becomes more than just an introduction; it's a supportive and tailored experience, setting the tone for a fitness journey that's both comfortable and empowering.

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Meet our vibrant ambassador, Will! Hailing from Southern Idaho, he has immersed himself in both the Redding community and our cycling studio. His fitness journey kicked off in March of 2023, transforming his mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Now a cycling fanatic, Will finds joy in the beats of any genre, except country.

On the bike, his favorite move is the freeze, a personal challenge to focus on posture and core strength. Beyond TRUE Ride, Will's journey includes non-profit parrot rescue and sanctuary work, coupled with free education classes in the Pacific Northwest. Though currently pet-less, he plays Uncle to his housemate's furbabies and plans to adopt a bird soon.

Will's guilty pleasure involves lazy Sundays with a vegetarian taco salad, a salty margarita, and favorite movies.

Whether by water, writing poetry, or befriending local wild birds, Will adds his unique flair to the TRUE Ride community.

Pedal alongside him for fitness, friendship, and a shared passion for cycling!


Meet Kasey, our spirited ambassador! On a sunny day, you'll likely find her tending to her garden, but her zest for life extends to outdoor adventures like traveling, concerts, hiking, golfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

When indoors, Kasey delves into reading and writing. With a background in Division 1 College Softball, fitness has been a lifelong passion. After becoming a mother, Kasey struggled to find an enjoyable and consistent form of physical activity until she discovered TRUE Ride two years ago. Since then, she has felt successful in her fitness journey once again.

Sublime (OG, not with Rome) tops her music playlist, reflecting her eclectic taste. 90’s alt./grunge is a consistent favorite. On the bike, Kasey loves the Push/Tap Combo. Beyond fitness, she is deeply passionate about self-development and awareness, reflecting on her mental and emotional journey in recent years.

Her home is shared with two spoiled dogs, Cheech and Cali, and four chickens—Nugget, Granny, Pepper, and Boots.

Kasey's guilty pleasures include bad reality TV and anything salty. Pedal alongside Kasey for fitness, self-discovery, and shared love for the TRUE Ride community!


Introducing Rachel, the lively face of our ambassador team! In moments of solitude, she finds joy in cooking and crafting. Summer draws her to the boat, and concerts are always on her agenda.

Rachel's fitness journey took a significant turn during pregnancy when diagnosed with gestational diabetes at just 10 weeks. The experience sparked a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. After the birth of her son, she explored TRUE Ride in August 2023, fell in love, and embraced it as a crucial part of her wellness journey.

Ellie Goulding is Rachel's favorite music artist, and she enjoys a diverse range of genres as long as the beat is groovy. On the bike, Figure 8s steal her heart, blending fun and intensity seamlessly.

Beyond fitness, Rachel is passionate about any work involving helping others. Her hobbies revolve around quality time with her son and husband. Maggie, her 4-year-old golden retriever, adds warmth to her home.

Originally from Georgia, Rachel's journey led her to Redding after reconnecting with her high school sweetheart. Join Rachel for rides that blend fitness, fun, and a supportive community at TRUE Ride!

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