Cycle Instructor

Meet Marissa, a TRUE Ride instructor and student-athlete from Stockton, CA. Since starting her fitness journey in 2018, Marissa has become passionate about connecting with the community. As an instructor, she thrives on coaching riders, fostering growth, and empowering them to become stronger cyclists.

Rhianna’s beats inspire Marissa’s classes, reflecting her love for R&B. On the bike, Marissa’s dynamic Tapbacks add energy to every ride.

Beyond TRUE Ride, Marissa enjoys crafting, reading, and traveling. At home, she’s accompanied by her furry friends, Rocky and Buttercup.

Confessed rocky road ice cream enthusiast, Marissa brings infectious excitement to TRUE Ride. With five years of cycling passion, she feels honored to coach alongside an amazing group. Join Marissa for a ride where each pedal stroke propels you toward strength and camaraderie.

TRUE teams are made when you put aside individual wants for collective good…