Your Health and Safety is Priority

Here at TRUE Ride we believe fitness is about more than just your body. It is about the energy we share with each other, the emotional support we provide one another, the community we create when we come together.

TRUE Ride has taken measures to keep you and our employees healthy and safe. Such as reduced class size and extra time between classes for deeper sanitizing of the studio.  The instructor will not walk the room during class. The table and chairs are removed from the reception area. We have eliminated our circuit TRUE Fit class and our eucalyptus towel hand out. Bathrooms and other common areas are being disinfected frequently. Showering, blow dryers and curling iron use will not be allowed. Our locker room benches have been spread further away from each other and added marks on the floor to provide social distancing. Our support staff will check you in then you sign-in on the sheet. Air conditioning temperature will be lowered with the whole house fan drawing the air out. Sanitary wipes will be provided to allow you to wipe down your equipment before and after use. The drinking fountain will not be in use except to fill your own personal water bottles with a touchless spout.

Required Restrictions & Safety Guidelines

Upon entering studio you must use hand sanitizer. There are several sanitizer stations through out the studio.

Frequently wash your hands with soap and water. Until virus is gone.

Our staff will continue to wipe down each piece of equipment and bike before and after use. Members may use provided sanitary wipes.

Face mask is recommended and will be provided upon request.  Must wear if you didn’t brush your teeth.

Do not touch any equipment or bikes other than the one you intend to use.

Sneeze or cough into a tissue or cloth, if not available, use your elbow.

Employees or members with any symptoms consistent with flu or fever are not permitted to enter our facility. Stay home and get well.

We love your face but please don’t touch it!
We all breathe very heavily when we work out, please respect your neighbors personal bubble while in class!
Work those thighs. Sanitize!
You don’t scare us COVID-19, we have so many ways to kick your butt!
Talking 6-feet apart is the new thing!

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Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

I look forward to going to class and feel stronger and better every time I leave the studio. The staff is amazing and they are passionate about what they do. Thank you TRUE RIDE for being awesome!! – Beth Stephens